Saturday, March 28, 2009

What a Great Birthday Cake thanks to our cake lady Misty Neal...she does a really great job......
Ya-Ya and Tater's first dance of the night!!!

surprize..the party was for you....LOL
Well my baby is offically 16.. He turned 16 on Friday.... We had his party last weekend so he has been spending this weekend with his dad..Where has the time gone..Seems like yesterday he just just a little fellow.. My Dad was so proud when he was born... An he looks a lot like my Dad (sometimes)... Ya-Ya is lost without her man.. But we have still been busy without him.. Ya--Ya , Gabby and Cory had been painting out at the house.. Hopefully, tomorrow we can finish the kitchen and Ya-Ya's bedroom with the painting at least..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well if the party Saturday night was not enough.. We had the first one in a 4 part series of Kids Ranch Rodeo's start on Sunday after church.. Syndie, Savannah and Tristian all participated ..along with a whole bunch of other kids... They all had a blast and we had a nice day the weather wasn't too bad..

Well it has been a little busy around here. Spring break.. surprize birthday party for Tater and Khaliah.. Neither one had a clue till they walked in the door. Tater had been wanting to have a dance so I planned him a party with dancing. Khaliah (aka YA-YA) had been telling her Mom that she could never pull off a surprize party for her.. So Ya-Ya knew the party was for Tater and she help plan it. Tater thought the party was for his Aunt Ankie ----Tater got to help paint the horse shoes..he said MOM you made me decorate for my own party..Everyone else we knew it was a surprize for both of them. I want to say thanks to everyone who helped in pulling this Aunt and her friend and Kris for helping decorate..and Dirty for moving all the heavy manly stuff..And for the party goers for helping with the clean up.. Let me tell ya planning a party and keeping a secret for two months about killed me.. But they had a blast..singing and dancing.. so I was worth all the worry and stress. I just knew someone was gonna let it slip and tell him. Ya-Ya sang a song just to Tater..(she had been practing all week) Tater thought it was for did the whole western theme. Ya-Ya walked in a said wrong person this isn't for me and we said Surprize yes it is for you too......It was a good time.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NO words needed...... ....What a man... oh well I think he his ONE FINE MAN!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taylor getting a little roping practice in at the church..Hoping this will be his new horse.
last score for was a close call

Taylor walking back to the van.....
Well Tristian finished basketball..his team lost one game out of eight. Not too bad for the season. Last night was the first night for baseball practice. This Sunday is the first of 4 Kid Ranch Rodeo's he is excited. We were on vacation last week.. Not too much going on ..Help Ms. Kim and Ya-Ya--Gabby move ..We are redoing my mom's house and they are going to be staying there. Last week was cold and rainy from Wednesday through Sunday ...What a vacation.. stuck most of the time in the confines with the house with 9 people.. 3 adults and the rest children... whew glad to go back to work