Thursday, August 20, 2009

It has been busy... and school is fixing to start on Monday.. I am like the kids not ready for this..!.. Tristian's gang BW&L .. have entered into a new Ranch Rodeo series.. These are some pictures of the first one.. we have 4 more to go..

We had a surprize birthday party for Corey... we had Fajitas and the works......

And my cousin Rachel, her son Josh and friend John came down to see Gran Fran while she was in the hospital.. Haven't seen each other 4 years.. Our boys Tristian and Josh got to meet for the first time.. ..

Friday, August 7, 2009

Well it has been a little busy here.. Taylor went to the Rockin C Ranch Camp the third week of July.. Was home the 4th week of July.. We had the Youth Ranch Rodeo on Saturday and Sunday.. The Finals were Sunday after church.. Saturday wellll the weather couldn't decide if it was gonna be sunny or rainy but it was COOL.. and a little muddy after the third rain..the worst of it came after Tristian's group finished Taylor got to preach to the younger group.. he did a really great job.. We are very proud of him.. .. NOW Sunday we were wishing for some shade and a breeze cause it was hot... and then some... .. What can we say... Well Taylor's Group Scared Spur won day money on Saturday but was a few second (11 to be exact) away from the money on Sunday.. But they finished 3rd place for the series..They got silver stirrups.... not to BAD! was really tight for the first through third place..

Tristian Group (BW&L Cattle Company)got the hard luck prize of a nice new head stall and they finished the series with 5th place (with another buckle, hat, and head stall) not too bad for their first series.. We all had a great time.. Taylor left Sunday after the Rodeo for another week at the Rockin C Ranch Camp .... I go pick him up tomorrow.. and Tristian,Syndie, Savannah start a new Ranch Rodeo series in Henderson.. this will be 5 show series.. ... so it will be busy for another couple of weeks.. ..
Can't forget the Birthdays.... Corey was 18 on the 5th and Hagen will have a birthday on the 8th.. (not sure how old and don't want to be in the dog house)...