Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Tristian---Tristian turned 11 yesterday.... Aunt Kris make cupcakes.. she did an excellent job! Go Aunt Kris... So we gave Tristian a surprize birthday party at the spray park in Tyler.... He didn't have a clue.. But they had a great time .. and then afterwards we went to Ms. Kim's and they got to play in her pool. Ms. Kim and YaYa stopped and got a new floatie for Syndie so she could swim in the pool.. She loves the pool.. But not as much as Dora.. She did not want to leave the Dora floaty so much she brought it with her see the picture in the car with Dora.. We had to wait till Dad come to get her and then she got distracted and forgot Dora..

Well we had a baseball game Tuesday and church Wednesday and Party Thursday and tonight we have another baseball game and tomorrow we have the in-house Ranch Rodeo... so... we are up for another busy week... Hopefully we will have a breeze tonight.. (we can always hope)
YaYa in the water

Syndie and Gabby

Tristian and his new breast collar!


syndie running bac

Syndie swingin
Synide in the pool with good ole Dora

Got a laugh out of Tater

Baseball warm up

Dora took a ride home with us!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

we had visitors at the Playday on Sunday... My cousin Pam and her Daughter Jennifer brought Pam's grandson Robert by... These are pictures of Lil Robert on the horses.. He wanted to ride like the big boys! Give him time..he will be right there with them

Here are some pictures of the Playday on Sunday

Go Tristian!

Here is Patrick and John!
Here is Patrick and John finishing the Poles!

Here is Tristian and Oreo completing the Barrels!

here is Tristian and Patrick in the ribbon rac

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well it is way too HOT!! Been out in the heat having fun with the kids for the last two weekends Saturday and Sunday..... .. we have finished the Kids Ranch Rodeo Series... The kids did great.. Patrick go to ride in the last one of the series. Tristian, Syndie, Savannah and Zach completed their.. they came home with a whole bunch of prizes, rope bag, play rope, blanket, horse brushes, trick rope, etc.. It was a really good experience. We have now moved on to the Youth Ranch Rodeo series.. Tristian is on his first team ever. It is a learning experience. We have completed the second of a 4 part series. Taylors Team Scared Spur won 3rd place for the day last weekend a brought home some money. They got a no time in sort/doctor---3rd in Muggin--and 1st in Penning.. The penning was tight they were 1-1hundredth of a second from the next team.! You go Boys..they did really well considered we had a new man on the team an NO practice. We have also had the play day and the kids rode in it on Sunday I will post some more pictures later the one of Savannah and Tristian was at the Play Day..

Seth ready to ride--This is one of Tristian team mates
Tater and Lamar ready to ride!

Got ole Grady moving along!

Hurry guys hurry.. the cow is winning!

Patrick bringing John home to the finish line

YaYa sporting the sunglasses

Tristian and Savannah at the play day

Trisitan tring to get his rope ready!

Picture of 1st place in the penning event

Tristian and Oreo

Tater and Jake

Sunday, June 7, 2009

here are some pics from the Kids Ranch Rodeo ...Today was the Finals.. they all did great.. it was hot and but it is only gonna get hotter..