Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tristian doing a little practice roping...... counting down the days...
YaYa.. showing off her pretty new cross necklace Tater picked out Tater and YaYa hugging.....AWWW how cute...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well Tristian's basketball team (Cavs) lost their first game on Saturday.. It was just by 1 point but that is all it takes... But we have our last two games this Saturday ..I am doing the its almost over dance ... But knowing Tristian he will want to do Baseball next. Taylor went with the Boys youth group this weekend (our house was quite). Well Gus (the goat) has become the escape artist..he gets out more than he is staying in..I am ready for him to go live with someone else. Counting down the days till he is shown (wanted to keep him but he is working that one nerve). The dogs can hear and smell him and they really want to meet him not sure good ole' Gus wants to meet the dogs. Well I seem to be on the mend..Still got the cough but everything else is gone. Taylor still has the cough.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Well Saturday Tristian's team had another basketball game. The Cavs on again 3 wks now in a row..score 41 to 18.. sorry no pictures..I broke the camera. It was a great game they all did very well. We have three games left for the season.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Syndie getting some work done at my desk---
Are you talking to me?
Yes I know I am handsome! Had to add part of the 4 legged children to the blog!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

If being nosy wasn't enough..then she had to get the empty feed sack out of the back of the truck just to make sure everything was gone..and then of course she had to try and tear the sack... Horses and children what can you say.......Always into something

New horse .. and L'l Bit thought she would just check out the new guy....

Monday, February 2, 2009

Saturday was a very busy day.. Tristian had his second basketball game of the season and at the same time Taylor and I had to be at the High School for the signing and training session for his new labtop computer the school giving out with the new Vision 20/20 program. So Uncle Homer, Aunt Sandi, Sydnie and Ankie went to cheer for Tristian..As you can see by this weeks score board his team (The Cavs) won again 26 to 13---GO TEAM GO... I think we have 3 games left. After the game Uncle Homer and Aunt Sandi invited the boys out for some play time with the horses. Nothing like getting in a few hours of practice. They had a great time. Especially when Aunt Sandi offered to make them Pizza for dinner. They all came home full as ticks and ready to crash. Sunday after church Taylor decided he hadn't gotten enough horse back time so he and his friends went back out for a few more hours of practice... I can tell they are ready for spring.

As you can see we have moved Gus from the Ag Farm to his new home in our garage. It makes it easier for us to check on him. After 3 days at the vet's we are glad to have him home and feeling better. He has only escaped twice (thanks to the kids not locking the lower part of the gate). I think Aunt Kris and Tater did a great job in fixing up his new home. Now we can check on him all day long.